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Medicinal Chemistry-II

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Medicinal chemistry – II involves the identification, synthesis and development of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use. It also includes the study of existing drugs, their biological properties, and structure-activity relationships between the drugs. It Contains clear classification, synthetic schemes, mode of action, pharmacological uses and structure–activity relationship (SAR) of the following classes of drugs: Antihistaminic drugs, Antineoplastic, Drugs acting on Cardiovascular system (Antianginal, Antihypertensive, Anti-arrhythmics, Drugs acting on Endocrine system, Local anaesthetics and the various classes of Local anaesthetic agent.

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ISBN 978-93-88756-60-0
Publishers R. Narain Publishers & Distributors
Author Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Yogesh Murti, Nidhi Srivastava
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Price 200
Year 2023
Pages 168
Subject Medicinal Chemistry – II


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Table of Content

  1. Antihistaminic agents
  2. H1–antagonists
  3. H2-antagonists
  4. Gastric Proton pump inhibitors
  5. Anti-neoplastic agents
  6. Alkylating agents
  7. Hormonal agents
  8. Antimetabolites
  9. Antibiotics
  10. Plant products
  11. Anti-anginal
  12. Vasodilators
  13. Calcium channel blockers
  14. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
  15. Thiazides
  16. Loop diuretics
  17. Potassium sparing Diuretics
  18. Osmotic Diuretics
  19. Anti-hypertensive Agents
  20. Classification
  21. Anti-arrhythmic Drugs
  22. Anti-hyperlipidemic agents
  23. Coagulant & Anticoagulants
  24. Drugs used in Congestive Heart Failure
  25. Drugs acting on Endocrine system
  26. Sex hormones
  27. Drugs for erectile dysfunction
  28. Oral contraceptives
  29. Corticosteroids
  30. Thyroid and antithyroid drugs
  31. Antidiabetic agents
  32. Sulfonyl ureas
  33. Biguanides
  34. Glucosidase inhibitors
  35. Local Anesthetics
  36. Benzoic Acid derivatives
  37. Amino Benzoic acid derivatives
  38. Lidocaine/Anilide derivatives
  39. Miscellaneous
  40. Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia


Salient features include:

  1. This is illustrated Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry is a much-awaited masterpiece in its arena for B. Pharm. V semester students. It aims at eliminating the inadequacies in teaching and learning of medicinal chemistry by providing enormous information on all the topics in medicinal chemistry of synthetic drugs.
  2. Each topic provides well-illustrated synthetic schemes and alternative synthetic routes for majority of drugs that help in quick and enhanced understanding of the subject Covers the syllabus as per PCI.

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