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Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

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Biopharmaceutics is the study of the relationships between the physical and chemical properties, dosage, and form of administration of a drug and its activity in the living body. Pharmacokinetics refers to the study of the time course of a drug within the body (extent and duration of systemic exposure to the drug) and also incorporates the process about the drug's absorption, distribution,...
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Herbal Drug Technology

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Textbook of Herbal drug Technology is the outcome of numerous efforts of authors to assimilate the voluminous knowledge of traditional and modern Herbal drug Technology which has long been a requirement of the curricula of various universities across the world. In times of yore, Herbal drug Technology was considered as the study of drugs of natural origin.
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Medicinal Chemistry-III

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This is illustrated Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry III is a much-awaited masterpiece in its arena, targeted mainly to B. Pharm. VI Sem. Students. It aims at eliminating the inadequacies in teaching and learning of medicinal chemistry by providing enormous information on all the topics in medicinal chemistry of synthetic drugs.
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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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Pharmaceutical biotechnology is a relatively novel and progressive field in which the principles of biotechnology are applied to the development of pharmaceuticals. A major part of therapeutic drugs (Approx 38%) in the current market available are biotechnologicals, such as antibodies, nucleic acid products and vaccines, enzymes, hormones, sera. Such bioformulations are developed through several stages that include: understanding the principles...
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Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

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Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance plays a major role in product development. In fact, this is involved in the entire process of the drug use right from research and development, manufacturing, storing and distribution. Hence, extensive knowledge of quality assurance is needed for effective and efficient functioning.
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Pharmacology – III

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This text book on Pharmacology-III is meant for undergraduate pharmacy students. This book cover advanced pharmacology especially for the students of B. Pharm sixth semester. Book contains the detailed topics of drugs acting on respiratory system, GITs, chemotherapy of tuberculosis, cancer, leprosy, malaria, viral, fungal, UTIs, immune-pharmacology, principle of toxicology and chrono-pharmacology.