About Us - RNPD

R. Narain Publishers Group was established in 2005. Today, it has acquired a status as one of the major contributors of textbooks to the Indian educational arena R. Narain Publication publishes large number of books for core specialization subjects like Pharmacy, Management, Computer Science, Biotechnology & Commerce. All India Universities and other renowned educational establishments have prescribed these books as mandatory reads.

Titles of R. Narain Publishers focus on fulfilling syllabus requirements and encouraging students to explore the depths of a subject, through quality content, written by eminent authors with wide academic and professional experience in a variety of streams. These textbooks go through rigorous peer review and stringent editorial processes. With Hundreds of titles currently in circulation by prominent Indian scholars from academia and industry. R. Narain Publishers today recognized and respected as an authentic and authoritarian source of reference.

Under the continuous leadership of Mr. Ashok Kumar Agrawal, the R. Narain Group has now become the leading publisher of quality Text Books & Study Materials in various domains such as Pharmacy, M.B.A., B.B.A., B.C.A. Biotechnology, Computer Science, Commerce and Technical Segment.

All text books/study notes/series books are screened time-to-time to update them with the present trend in the field occurring/happenings indigenously or globally.  These books are syllabus based/unit wise/chapter wise, easy to learn and understand the method of the subject and also make intricate subjects a fun loving experience, by putting the matter in a simple language.

Vision & Mission

  • To adopt an innovative, transparent and honest approach to book publishing.
  • Our Pan India distribution network is extremely strong covering even the most remote villages in India.
  • To empower both the readers by broadening their horizon and authors by channelizing their ideas and thoughts.
  • To bear the responsibility for becoming a powerful agent of social change through quality publications.
  • To provide talented and aspiring authors a platform on which to develop and succeed.
  • To trigger thoughts and to provide the readers with a bright picture of onward march in life.