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Practical Manual of Pharmacology

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The purpose of writing this book is to make available a qualitative book on “Practical Manual of Pharmacology” for the students of D. Pharmacy. This book has been structured in 32 Experiments as per the new syllabus of ER-2020 D. Pharmacy suggested by the Pharmacy Council of India. Each chapter has been written with aim to give a reasonable account of the topic with questions after each experiment for students in a clear and easy manner for viva-voce preparation.

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ISBN 978-93-91334-62-8
Publishers R. Narain Publishers & Distributors
Author Dr. Abhinav Prasoon Mishra, Dakshina Gupta & Anurita Rajpoot
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Price 150
Year 2023
Pages 96
Subject Practical Manual of Pharmacology
Weight 125 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 1 cm

Table of Content

Introduction to the following topics pertaining to the experimental
pharmacology have to be discussed and documented in the practical
1. Introduction to experimental pharmacology
2. Study of laboratory animals
(a) Mice; (b) Rats; (c) Guinea pigs; (d) Rabbits
3. Commonly used instruments in experimental pharmacology
4. Different routes of administration of drugs in animals
5. Types of pre-clinical experiments: In-Vivo, In-Vitro, Ex-Vivo, etc.
6. Techniques of blood collection from animals
Note: Animals shall not be used for doing / demonstrating any
of the experiments given. The given experiments shall be carried- out
/ demonstrated as the case may be, ONLY with the use of software
program(s) such as ‘Ex Pharm’ or any other suitable software
1. Study of local anaesthetics on rabbit eye
2. Study of Mydriatic effect on rabbit eye
3. Study of Miotic effect on rabbit eye
4. Effect of analgesics using Analgesiometer
5. Study of analgesic activity by writhing test
6. Screening of anti-convulsant using Electro Convulsiometer 8. Screening of CNS stimulants and depressants using Actophotometer
9. Study of anxiolytic activity using elevated plus maze method
10. Study of effect of drugs (any 2) on isolated heart
11. Effect of drugs on ciliary motility on frog’s buccal cavity
12. Pyrogen testing by rabbit method


Salient features include:

  1. This book starts with the basic concept and understanding of this subject and this book will help students by providing the detailed but prominent information.
  2. The objective of making this book the best in segment has been fully achieved by systematic covering new PCI syllabus of this subject.
  3. We hope students will appreciate this book as resource for appropriate subject knowledge and aid to gain good marks in the examination.


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