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Practical Manual of Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

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This practical handbook is structured to gradually give students practice doing various aspects of human anatomy and physiology in which students are engaged in the entire experiments. In this way students experience not only the power that science has to reveal the workings of the natural world but also its limitations, and tentativeness of this knowledge.

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ISBN 978-93-88756-19-8
Publishers R. Narain Publishers & Distributors
Author Krishn Kumar Agrawal & Dr. Tripanshu Gupta
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Price 120
Year 2022
Pages 80
Subject Practical Manual of Human Anatomy & Physiology – II
Weight 125 g

Table of Content

  1. To study the integumentary and special senses using specimen, models, etc.,
  2. To study the nervous system using specimen, models, etc.,
  3. To study the endocrine system using specimen, models, etc
  4. To demonstrate the general neurological examination
  5. To demonstrate the function of olfactory nerve
  6. To examine the different types of taste.
  7. To demonstrate the visual acuity
  8. To demonstrate the reflex activity
  9. Recording of body temperature
  10. To demonstrate positive and negative feedback mechanism.
  11. Determination of tidal volume and vital capacity.
  12. Study of digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular systems, urinary and reproductive systems with the help of models, charts and specimens.
  13. Recording of basal mass index .
  14. Study of family planning devices and pregnancy diagnosis test.
  15. Demonstration of total blood count by cell analyser
  16. Permanent slides of vital organs and gonads.


Salient features include:

  1. This book contains sixteen experiments and at the end of each experiment, viva-voce question are introduced that will help the students to check their knowledge and self assessment.
  2. I hope the students studying practical aspects of human anatomy and physiology would be benefitted from this book.
  3. This practical handbook provides structured guidance to both the lab instructor and the student.
  4. The Instructor educates in relevant learning theory and provides teaching notes to help instructors effectively facilitate student centered inquiry and collaborative learning.

2 reviews for Practical Manual of Human Anatomy & Physiology-II

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rani Sharma

    Worth reading books at a reasonable price. Appreciable & effective content.Help the students to understand the core concept of the topic.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Veer Mehta

    A very informative and quality material provided to the students for scoring good Mark’s.

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