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Operating Systems – MCA (203)

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This book is designed to meet the needs of master of computer application students studying for the very first time in their curriculum. Thus complexity of the matter has been avoided with a view that complete course content has to be completed by the student in limited time period. The subject matter has been presented in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner which is easy to understand and also develops writing ability for students to score good marks in upcoming examination. This book includes all types of questions according to new pattern of university. Course content has been divided into topic wise and in chapter wise form according to curriculum framed by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. This book includes unsolved papers of last years and sample paper. We hope that this book will be successful in its objectives and will receive appreciation from students and teachers alike.

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ISBN 978-93-91334-57-4
Publishers R. Narain & Co.
Author Nobel Editorial Board
Binding Paperback
Pages 160
Subject Operating Systems
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 1 cm

Table of Content

UNIT I – Introduction: Operating System Structure- Layered structure, SystemComponents, Operating system functions, Classification of Operating systems- Batch, Interactive, Time sharing, Real Time System, Multiprocessor Systems, Multiuser Systems, Multi process Systems, Multithreaded Systems, Operating System services, Reentrant Kernels, Monolithic and Microkernel Systems.
UNIT II – Concurrent Processes: Process Concept, Principle of Concurrency,Producer / Consumer Problem, Mutual Exclusion, Critical Section Problem, Dekker’s solution, Peterson’s solution, Semaphores, Test and Set operation, Classical Problem in Concurrency- Dining Philosopher Problem, Sleeping Barber Problem, Inter Process Communication models and Schemes, Process generation.
UNIT III – CPU Scheduling: Scheduling Concepts, Performance Criteria, ProcessStates, Process Transition Diagram, Schedulers, Process Control Block (PCB), Process address space, Process identification information, Threads and their management, Scheduling Algorithms, Multiprocessor Scheduling. Deadlock: System model, Deadlock characterization, Prevention, Avoidance and detection, Recovery from deadlock.
UNIT IV – Memory Management: Basic bare machine, Resident monitor, Multiprogramming with fixed partitions, Multiprogramming with variable partitions, Protection schemes, Paging, Segmentation, Paged segmentation, Virtual memory concepts, Demand paging, Performance of demand paging, Page replacement algorithms, Thrashing, Cache memory organization, Locality of reference.
UNIT V – I/O Management and Disk Scheduling: I/O devices, and I/O subsystems,I/O buffering, Disk storage and disk scheduling, RAID. File System: File concept, File organization and accessmechanism, File directories, and File sharing, File system implementation issues, File system protection and security.


Salient features include:

  1. Comprehensive coverage of theoretical aspects in easiest way through diagrams and flow charts.
  2. All intricate aspects are explained by simple, lucid and specific explanations and substantiated with neat and elaborate diagrammatic sketches.


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