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Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology

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This book is designed to meet the needs of B. Sc. Biotech students studying for the very first time in their curriculum. Thus complexity of the matter has been avoided with a view that complete course content has to be completed by the student in limited time period. Every precaution has been taken for accuracy and clarity of the subject matter. We hope that this book will be successful in its objectives and will receive appreciation from students and teachers alike. The subject matter has been presented in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner which is easy to understand and also develops writing ability for students to score good marks in upcoming examination.

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Renewable and non-renewable resource

Conventional fuel and their environmental impacts (firewood and animal wastes, coal, petroleum and animal oil).

Modern fuels and their environmental impacts (methanogenic bacteria and biogas, microbial hydrogen production), conversion of sugars to ethanol, the gasohol experiment, solar energy converter-hopes from the photosynthetic pigments.

Possibility of plant petroleum industry and cellulose degradation for combustible fuel, treatment of municipal wastes and industrial effluents, degradation of pesticides and other toxic chemicals by microorganism, B. thuringiensis and biopesticides, enrichment of press-mud by microorganism (bioaccumulation and biomineralizatiaon).

Biofertilizers (nitrogen fixing microorganisms, mycorrhiza).

Environmental impact and assessment of transgenic organism..

Bio-assessment of environmental quality.

Fermentation: The fermentation industry, select ion of industrial microorganisms, production process: fermentation media aeration, pH, temperature, batch versus continuous culture, immobilized enzymes, protein engineering, downstream processing and product recovery, food industry, waste as fermentation substrate, solid state fermentation.

Dairy: Transgenic cows, lactose utilization, fermented dairy products


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    Worth reading books at a reasonable price. Appreciable & effective content.Help the students to understand the core concept of the topic.

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