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Practical Manual of Pharmacology-I

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This book aspires to be useful for students having a basic strong concept based approach prior to initiating any experiment is a very important aspect, keeping this in view the book discusses the basic concepts of  pharmacology modules giving a real life experience in learning pharmacology behind each experiment. This gives a chance to investigators to carry out screening procedures of drugs of either known or unknown pharmacological activity.

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ISBN 978-93-88756-32-7
Publishers R. Narain Publishers & Distributors
Author Ajit Kumar Varma, Sapna Sachan & Dr. Tarique Mahmood
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Price 150
Year 2022
Pages 96
Subject Practical Manual of Pharmacology – I
Weight 125 g

Table of Content

1    Introduction to experimental Pharmacology.

2    Commonly used Instruments in experimental Pharmacology.

3    To Study the common laboratory animals.

4    Maintenance of laboratory animals as per CPCSEA guidelines.

5    Common laboratory techniques. Blood withdrawal, serum and plasma separation, anesthetics and euthanasia used for animal studies.

6    To Study the different types routes of drugs administration in mice/rats.

7    To Study the effect of hepatic microsomal enzyme inducers on the Phenobarbitone sleeping time in mice.

8    To Study the Effect of drugs on ciliary motility of frog oesophagus.

9    To Study the Effect of drugs on rabbit eye.

10  To Study the Effect of skeletal muscle relaxants using rota-rod apparatus.

11  To Study the Effect of drugs on locomotor activity using actophotometer.

12  To Study the effect of Anticonvulsant drugs by MES and PTZ method.

13  To Study the effect of stereotype and anti-catatonic activity of drugs on rats/mice.

14  To Study the effect of anxiolytic activity of drugs using rats/mice.

15  To Study the effect of local anesthetics by different methods.


Salient features include:

  1. This practical manual has been especially by according to new syllabus prescribed for B. Pharm Second year IVth Semester as per the directives of Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).
  2. The compilation of experiment which are too used in understanding the basic principles of pharmacology and also evaluation of potency of drug.
  3. Simple and step-by-step procedure and diagram for the identification of unknown drugs for specific pharmacological activity are given in eloquent manner.
  4. We hope students will appreciate this book as resource for appropriate subject knowledge and aid to gain good marks in the examination.

2 reviews for Practical Manual of Pharmacology-I

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mohammed Ali

    Very nice collection and material is very good according to syllabus language is also easy to understand

  2. 5 out of 5

    Asha Dewan

    Effective matter in books in very less amount. Such a useful books for students and professionals

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