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Applied Psychology

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This textbook has been created with several goals in mind: accessibility, customization and student engagement all while encouraging students toward high levels of academic scholarship. Instructors and students alike will find that this textbook offers a strong foundation in Psychology in an accessible format.
I wrote this book to help students organize their thinking about Psychology at a conceptual level.
This book has been designed to meet the requirements of B.Sc. Nursing students. The text has been written keeping in view the new curriculum framed by INC. Throughout the book Theoretical and clinical content have been presented in an integrated approach with an essay and understandable language.

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ISBN 978-93-91334-72-7
Publishers R. Narain Publishers & Distributors
Author Dr. Rima Sharma
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Price 310
Year 2023
Pages 272
Subject Text Book of Applied Psychology (For B.Sc. Nursing Students)
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Table of Content




  • Meaning of Psychology
  • Development of psychology Scope,
  • branches and methods of psychology
  • Relationship with other subjects
  • Significance of psychology in nursing
  • Applied psychology to solve everyday issues

Biological basis of behavior Introduction

  • Body mind relationship
  • Genetics and behaviour
  • Inheritance of behaviour
  • Brain and behaviour.
  • Psychology and sensation sensory process- normal and abnormal

Mental health and mental hygiene

  • Concept of mental health and mental hygiene
  • Characteristic of mentally healthy person
  • Warning signs of poor mental health
  • Promotive and preventive mental health strategies and services
  • Defense mechanism and its implication
  • Frustration and conflict types of conflicts and measurements to overcome
  • Role of nurse in reducing frustration and conflict and enhancing coping
  • Dealing with ego

Developmental psychology

  • Physical, psychosocial and cognitive development across life span Prenatal through early childhood, middle to late childhood through adolescence, early and mid-adulthood, late adulthood, death and dying
  • Role of nurse in supporting normal growth and development across the life span
  • Psychological needs of various groups in health and sickness Infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and older adult
  • Introduction to child psychology and role of nurse in meeting the psychological needs of children
  • Psychology of vulnerable individuals challenged, women, sick etc.
  • Role of nurse with vulnerable groups


  • Meaning, definition of personality
  • Classification of personality
  • Measurement and evaluation of personality – Introduction
  • Alteration in personality
  • Role of nurse in identification of individual personality and improvement in altered personality

Cognitive process

  • Attention definition, types, determinants, duration, degree and alteration in attention
  • Perception Meaning of Perception, principles, factor affecting perception,
  • Intelligence Meaning of intelligence – Effect of heredity and environment in intelligence, classification, Introduction to measurement of intelligence tests Mental deficiencies
  • Learning Definition of learning, types of learning, Factors influencing learning – Learning process, Habit formation
  • Memory-meaning and nature of memory, factors influencing memory, methods to improve memory, forgetting
  • Thinking types, level, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Aptitude concept, types, individual differences and variability
  • Psychometric assessment of cognitive processes Introduction
  • Alteration in cognitive processes

Motivation and emotional processes

  • Motivation meaning, concept, types, theories of motivation, motivation cycle, biological and special motives
  • Emotions Meaning of emotions, development of emotions, alteration of emotion, emotions in sickness handling emotions in self and other
  • Stress and adaptation stress, stressor, cycle, effect, adaptation and coping
  • Attitudes Meaning of attitudes, nature, factor affecting attitude, attitudinal change, Role of attitude in health and sickness
  • Psychometric assessment of emotions and attitude Introduction
  • Role of nurse in caring for emotionally sick client

Psychological assessment and tests – introduction

  • Types, development, characteristics, principles, uses, interpretation
  • Role of nurse in psychological assessment

Application of soft skill

  • Concept of soft skill
  • Types of soft skill visual, aural and communication skill
  • The way of communication
  • Building relationship with client and society
  • Interpersonal Relationships (IPR): Definition, Types, and Purposes, Interpersonal skills, Barriers, Strategies to overcome barriers
  • Survival strategies managing time, coping stress, resilience, work life balance
  • Applying soft skill to workplace and society Presentation skills, social etiquette, telephone etiquette, motivational skills, teamwork etc.
  • Use of soft skill in nursing


  • Dimensions of self-empowerment
  • Self-empowerment development society
  • Professional etiquette and personal grooming
  • Role of nurse in empowering others.


  1. Comprehensive coverage of theoretical and diagrammatically aspects of psychology.
  2. All intricate aspects are explained by simple, lucid and specific explanations and substantiated with neat and elaborate diagrammatic sketches.
  3. Examples from psychology are included extensively.


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